Realistic self-knowledge is a key to personal and organizational success. The self-assessment tools you'll find here are a great way to begin getting a handle on your strengths, as well as your opportunities for improvement. All of these tools are set up in a similar manner; they use a 1-5 rating scale (1 = “Never” through 5 = “Always”) and a simple scoring system.

An Introduction to the Assessment Instruments
These instruments are straightforward tools to help you take a look at yourself in a more objective manner. You can preview them, select those you want, print them, and fill them out. We suggest you give copies of the blank form to your boss, employees, team members, etc. as a way of finding out the perceptions of your key people. The results may surprise you and will usually give you some valuable insight as well as ideas of what to work on next.

Scoring is easy. You respond to each item on the 1 - 5 scale (place an X in the appropriate box,) then add up the number of responses in each column. Multiply the total "1" answers by 1, the total "2" responses by 2, and so on. Enter your total score in the box at the bottom left. Then, look at where the low scores are, regardless of your scoring range. The low scores may indicate some opportunities for improvement; items or groups of items with higher scores are likely your strengths.

The Self-Assessments

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