Personal Productivity Enhancement

Improving Productivity for Businesses and Professionals

In this era of sweeping change, down-sizing, reorganizations, and increased demands, most of us face the reality of needing to “do more with less.” At the same time, the amount of information, communications, reports, memos, reading, and sheer paper that comes into our place of business has increased dramatically. The press of day-to-day “get it done,” “crank it out” frequently makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get to the real priorities in our personal and business life.

Personal Productivity Enhancement (PPE) is a proven process for creating order out of chaos, systems out of clutter, and focus out of confusion. In PPE we work with you through individual and group coaching and teaching sessions using systems, techniques, processes, and products to substantially improve productivity.

The PPE process can be introduced with individual or small group sessions, which focus on specific systems and techniques for increasing productivity. We focus on breaking up that mass of “stuff” that has been stuck in your office for weeks (months??) — projects that have not moved forward, communications that need to be handled, information and data tracking, commitments made and forgotten, that overdue report.

Through the PPE process you will be the creator of your own system — a system that fits you and the way you work, your job, your life. Because you are involved so completely in the process, the amount of lasting change and productivity improvement can often be phenomenal.

During Personal Productivity Enhancement, you will:


  • Create effective paperflow and information tracking systems
  • Develop your ability to manage a wide variety of simultaneous projects
  • Reduce delays in responding to requests, assignments, and information
  • Organize office reference and file information
  • Improve your ability to make good decisions quickly
  • Learn to process information quickly and effectively
  • Enhance your ability to focus on the truly important issues and projects

Your Personal Productivity Enhancement process will typically take two or three days. Best results occur when you make the commitment to move through the entire process at one time. PPE is not a class or seminar program — it is an intensive, “roll up your sleeves and get to it” kind of process. The resulting increases in productivity, satisfaction, clarity, and focus can have a major impact on your effectiveness and that of your team.

For more information about PPE and other proven tools for increasing managerial and professional productivity and success, please contact us.