Professional Communications Inventory

Assessing Professionals & Individual Contributors

When the times demand that people in organizations become smarter and more effective, wise leaders are always looking for new talent. But they also know that it's more efficient to "grow their own" -- to promote the professional growth of the people they already have on board.

Achieving increased performance and personal growth for the professional staff can be difficult, especially if there is no baseline information about managers’ skills and developmental needs. Without this type of data, organizations can easily spend large sums on training that is unnecessary or of little value. So where do you start?

The Professional Communications Inventory (PCI)
The PCI is a statistically proven tool for assessing the communications and relationship skills of professionals, individual contributors and managers. It is designed to measure how frequently a person performs behaviors associated with 12 key factors.

These factors are grouped into two categories: communication skills and relationship skills. The communication skill factors include speaking one-on-one, listening, writing, presenting to groups and conducting meetings. The relationship skill factors include approachability, flexibility, influencing others, cooperation, trust, support and technical expertise.

PCI results are plotted to provide participants with both graphic and statistical "snap-shots" of how they are perceived by themselves, their boss, their employees/colleagues and their customers (internal or external). These results can be easily used to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, creating the basis for an action plan for continued improvement and increased performance.

What About Confidentiality?
Confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. Colleagues and customers completing the PCI instruments for participating managers are assured that individual responses are not divulged to anyone within the company. Completed instruments are mailed directly to the consultant or to the publisher, where they are scanned by computer. A complete individual profile report is prepared as part of this process. The consultant then uses all of the individual reports to analyze the results for the group, preparing composite reports and suggestions for further action.

The detailed results for each individual are shared ONLY with that person. An executive summary of the findings for the entire group is made available to senior management, but never the individual participants' analyses. Extensive use is made of individualized coaching for each participant, focusing on the implementation of each person's action plan.

Is It Useful?
Past participants using the PCI have found the experience to be non-threatening and very useful. The process is designed to be objective and confidential. There is no attempt to "disapprove" of any participant's results. The PCI is not used for performance evaluation or promotion purposes. It is used to help individual managers improve their own success or to help organizations design and create relevant, useful professional development programs. The focus of the entire process is on positive outcomes, individual growth and group success.