Our Philosophy

At Midwest Consulting Group, our focus is on the people in organizations. We view ourselves as change agents, but we are not trying to force change. Instead, we walk with, inspire, guide, and support people and organizations who want and need to change - whether they have arrived at that point by internal choice or external circumstances.

We believe that becoming an excellent manager and leader involves a set of skills and behaviors that can be learned. While some people may be more inclined than others toward taking on a leadership role, virtually any organization can identify, develop, and nuture the supervisors, managers, and leaders of tomorrow.

We believe that effective leadership is all about effective relationships. Leaders who fail to build good relationships are usually not successful. In today's environment leadership is much more about influence rather than positional power or title. Our decades of involvement in management and executive development have taught us that many (far too many!) leaders fail or derail due to the inability to build solid working relationships.