New Leadership Course Created


Paul Knudstrup and the rest of the crew at MCG have developed a new Leadership Course for high-potentials and seasoned organizational leaders. This course consists of two sessions of one-week each, separated by a 4 - 6 month project phase.

An attendee group of 20 is divided into 4 or 5 Teams at the start of Unit 1. Each Team takes on a high-level, mission-critical project, researches the issue, and presents their recommendations to the senior management team during Unit 2. This course is designed to help the organization develop the next group of senior leaders and has a significant succession-planning focus. Multiple presenters, lots of team-based active learning, a fast-paced delivery system, and extensive readings are all features of this leadership development course. To learn how this Leadership Course can be customized to fit your own organization, contact us today.

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