Management Leadership Practices Inventory

A Proven Management & Leadership Skills Assessment Tool

As the competitive environment becomes tougher and organizations strive to become leaner and more effective, wise leaders know that developing the skills of their managers and supervisors is critical to helping their organizations meet the challenges of the new century.

Achieving the kind of increased performance and personal growth organizations are seeking for their managers can be difficult, especially if there is no baseline information about managers’ skills and developmental needs. Without this type of data, organizations can easily spend large sums on training that is unnecessary or of little value. So, what do smart leaders do?

The Management-Leadership Practices Inventory (MLPI) The MLPI is a statistically proven tool for assessing management and leadership skills of line and staff managers. It is designed to measure how frequently a manager performs 20 key factors. These factors are grouped into three categories: Management Practices, Interpersonal Style, and Leadership Practices.

MLPI results are plotted to provide managers with both graphic and statistical “snap-shots” of how they are perceived by Themselves, their Superior, their Peers, and their Subordinates. From MLPI results individual strengths and opportunities for improvement are easily identified and form the basis for developing an action plan for continued growth, improvement, and increased performance.

Confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. Employees and peers completing the MLPI instruments for participating managers are assured that individual responses are not divulged to anyone within the company. For that reason, completed instruments are mailed directly to the consultants or to the publisher, where they are computer scanned and a complete individualized report is prepared. The consultants then use the individual reports to analyze the results for the group and prepare composite reports and suggestions for further action.

An individual profile is created for each participant and may be used for internal or external individualized coaching for each participant, focused on the implementation of each person's action plan.

Past participants using the MLPI have found the experience to be non-threatening and very useful. The process is designed to be objective and confidential. There is no attempt to “disapprove” of any participant's results. The MLPI is not used for performance evaluation or promotion purposes; it is only to assist the individual manager to improve his/her own success or to assist the organization to design and create relevant and useful management development programs. The focus of the entire process is on positive outcomes, individual growth, and group success.

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