For those of us who grew up in the Upper Midwest, and particularly in Michigan, the manufacturing sector has always been a part of life. The auto industry has been and continues to be an important driver in the region's economy. And the expertise developed in the auto companies and their suppliers has resulted in excellent employment for millions and spun off thousands of related jobs. Now, of course, that is all changing; the manufacturing sector has gone through deep, fundamental, and continuous change in the past decade. And, the magnitude and pace of change is accelerating.

Manufacturing companies usually have large workforces and often run 24/7 operations. Large workforces and three shift operations typically require several layers of management, often staffed from within with limited (or no!) training and development. We have worked with scores of manufacturing companies in the past 15+ years, from a 40-employee business forms producer to a multi-national leader in the food industry. From a family-owned 150-person ammunition manufacturer in Idaho to the 1,300-person gear manufacturer in central Indiana. From a large plant in Canada to a 10,000-employee global microchip firm with extensive clean-room processes to an aerospace component manufacturer with extensive military and civilian contracts.

These types of companies turn to Midwest Consulting Group to assist them with:

  • Performance Management
  • Work-Life balance
  • Project Management & Personal Productivity
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • 360-degree Management Surveys
  • Management Training & Development Program Design
  • Management Seminars and Longer Term Course Delivery
  • Communication - Internal & External
  • Decision-making

We have conducted 360-degree assessments for literally thousands of managers, professionals, and executive. We know what works and what does not work when it comes to effectively managing and leading a group of people. We will be delighted to explore your situation with you to see if there might be a fit between us.

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