Industry Sectors Served

At Midwest Consulting Group we serve clients from vitually every kind of organization imaginable, as our client list demonstrates. Over the past 15 years we have developed particular expertise in serving certain industry sectors, including:

Working with college and university-based management and executive development programs, we provide workshops and seminars, management and professional skills assessments, and teach in residential management development programs. We also help design programs for delivery by our associates or university faculty, including content development, materials design, and train-the-trainer services.

Working with governmental organizations at the local, regional, and state level to develop, design, and deliver both short-course and long-term training and consulting, including workshops, seminars, individual coaching, and team development.

Working with small-to-medium sized firms and larger divisions of multi-national manufacturers we provide everything from training programs to executive coaching and management team development.

Working with nonprofit organizations, usually at the local or regional level, to develop management expertise, clarify mission, vision, values and strategy, build capacity, fund development, and leadership capability.

Service Businesses
Working with organizations in banking, financial services, telecommunications, IT, property development and management, agriculture, forest products, pharmaceutical, and human services, we concentrate on management and leadership development and productivity issues.