Municipal and state governments are another cornerstone of our practice here at Midwest Consulting Group. We coach, advise, and guide chief executives on a wide variety of issues and assist in helping the organization build capacity and bench strength. Often the agency director needs an impartial, outside ear to explore ideas, concepts, and issues before making policy decisions. In addition to state agencies, we work with city, county, and township managers and their management teams. Our focus is on improving the skills of supervisors and managers, as well as assisting senior leadership with:


  • Strategy & Implementation
  • Planning & Personal Productivity
  • Management Training & Development
  • Communication - Internal & External
  • Decision-making
  • Performance Management.

At the state government level we work with employee groups, departmental teams, mid-level to senior managers, and agency heads. We have trained hundreds of first-line supervisors, middle managers, and senior executives on the full range of management and leadership skills.

Our four-day and five-day management training programs have been adopted by state government agencies across the country. Our shorter workshops are part of larger developmental courses in locations across the U.S.

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