Midwest Consulting Group's roots in Education run long and deep. From K-12 to colleges and universities, we have taught, managed, marketed, and raised money for educational organizations of all types and sizes. Education runs throughout the lives of our associates and the families of our associates. In many ways, education is MCG's family business.

For instance, Paul Knudstrup spent 20 years in the university arena, managing, marketing, and leading various business units. His wife teaches academically talented youngsters in Kalamazoo Public Schools. His sister was an award-winning teacher in the Chicago Public Schools where she taught history, social studies, music and coached in various high school grades. Paul's mother was a graduate of Philadelphia Normal School and MSU and taught in Pennsylvania and Michigan for many years.

Jan Andersen has been involved in communications for a host of nonprofit organizations, including higher education, medical, and philanthropic sectors. Mike Busch has taught college and university courses at several institutions over the past 20 years. Mary Jo Asmus mentors at-risk students. And so it goes. Education is a big part of Midwest Consulting Group; always has been, always will be.

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