Comments From Our Participants

We are proud of the feedback and comments we get from those who have participated in all kinds of different experiences with Midwest Consulting Group. Our workshops and management courses routinely get evaluation averages of 4.9 and above on a 5.0 scale. Here is a selection of typical comments:


  • Fun + informative- very helpful in improving my understanding of myself.
  • Everyone needs this self-evaluation (the MBTI) to look for areas of growth.
  • I felt the class was set up very well; there was a lot of class involvement. The information taught was extremely useful and beneficial.
  • My pre-disposed notion of this class was very negative. Paul fought through my “self-fulfilling” prophecy and made this an outstanding course.
  • Paul is fantastic! I would love to take a class from him again and if the opportunity arises I would jump at it!
  • I have really gained a lot from this class and it will go a long was in organizing my job and in knowing the needs of my staff.
  • Great guy. He has a command of the subject area. Was able to put the material across in a manner so that each person was comfortable with the concepts and has a greater appreciation of other people and personality types.
  • Many ideas; gave me guidelines and actually made me excited about implementing them.
  • It’s great to attend a workshop where the instructor is prepared, well read, and has a passion in his work.
  • I have learned more these four days than I ever thought I would have gained.
  • One of the most informative classes I have ever taken.
  • I really dreaded four days away from my office—it was well worth it.
  • Paul is always entertaining and full of applicable knowledge.
  • I came here not knowing what to expect and am very happy I came – I learned a lot and hope to participate in any future “developments” you offer.
  • Excellent course and Paul has everything to do with why it was so excellent.  He is the best instructor I’ve ever had – makes content interesting and adds humor.  He is positive, objective, interesting, non-judgmental and makes you think.
  • All areas of this course will assist me in every aspect of my job, both as a supervisor and as an employee.
  • The way I view myself and my goals have been enlightened. I have a whole new perspective on life and believe the information I learned will greatly improve my relationships.
  • Learning about goal setting, time management and networking gave me the “desire” once again to look for future growth – a lot isn’t there for me now I will find a way to make one for me.
  • I was extremely pleased with the course as a whole.  It helped me to see and understand areas that I need to work on to become more effective in my supervising skills.  The instructor was very charismatic and knowledgeable of all info in the course, and made the course very interesting and all course topics easy to understand!  Thank you for a great experience.
  • Mr. Knudstrup is a highly effective speaker who is obviously intimately familiar with this subject.  His enthusiasm is very effective.  I have taken courses covering most of this material in the past, quite some time ago, and this course refreshed my memory and brought back things I haven’t thought about in years.  All in all a truly outstanding course.
  • My initial thoughts were, “just another supervision course”, but this was genuinely a learning experience.
    Excellent introduction to the world of supervision!  The materials were helpful and will be a valuable reference tool to take to work with me.  I also learned quite a few things I plan to use in my personal life.  Paul is very organized and knowledgeable.  He encourages participation and provides relevant feedback.  Well done.
  • This class gave me a new perspective on how I should strive to do my job better, not only for myself but more importantly for my staff.
  • I was unsure how to approach a problem I had to deal with. This course has now given me several options to solve it.
    In my opinion, this was the most beneficial training given thus far in my career.
  • Excellent course. I would highly recommend it to anyone in or interested in personal development with career goals.