About Midwest Consulting Group

Midwest Consulting Group is a consortium of individual consultants from across the United States, each bringing their own special expertise to the creation of a dynamic team. MCG. offers its skills and abilities to organizations that wish to create team-oriented, “win-win” environments for employees and customers.

Midwest Consulting Group is a “virtual” corporation. Our Associates form working groups based upon the needs of our clients. Once your needs are identified, we select a project team from among our large network and get right to work.

In addition to our active senior associates, we maintain close working relationships with consultants, trainers, and university-based management development programs throughout the U.S. This allows us to match the best resource to your specific needs. Rather than selecting from a limited number of off-the-shelf programs or products, we create truly custom-designed solutions for you – while keeping your budget in mind.

The focus of all that we do is the growth and development of both the individual and the organization. Our mission and our purpose for existence are quite simple: to help our clients and the individuals within those organizations become the best they can be. To accomplish this strategic objective, we must and do successfully create long-term relationships with our clients. “Quick fixes” don't work, and we don't offer them.

Midwest Consulting Group emphasizes the creation of a balance between organizational strategy and the implementation of those strategies through the growth and development of the individual and the team. Our primary objective is to help our clients create, focus, and develop their management team – the people who will be responsible for the future success of the organization.

Our clients include a cross-section of organizational types: business, industry, government, education, and nonprofits. We seek those who are committed to individual and organizational excellence, growth, and development as a method of achieving greater success.

At Midwest Consulting Group, we take pride in providing the highest quality service. Our goal is to be the best organizational development and management consulting team in the country. We invite your inquiries and welcome the opportunity to explore a partnership. You'll find us committed to excellence in all we do.

Paul M.C. Knudstrup